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2011 Trek to begin in May!!! PDF Print E-mail
I would like to express my appreciation to all of you that are supporting this endeavor. 
In 2009 I bicycled 3,200 miles to raise awareness to the hunger problem faced by millions of Americans every day. The ride was a success and we did get some families fed but it wasn’t enough. Today the level of need is far greater but so is my desire to help my fellow man. Beginning in May 2011 I will once again be doing my part by bicycling across this great country of ours in an attempt to get as many people as I can to donate to their local food banks. This trek will be well over 5000 miles long lasting several months.
It is only together that we as Americans can survive the road ahead!
Pennies for the Hungry - Our Hope PDF Print E-mail

Ken is an accomplished chef and food service professional with over 20 years of experience.  One reason for this ride is to try and help some of those who are hungry in America.  The plan is simple - set aside a penny jar and / or a grocery bag and for every mile completed drop a penny in the jar and /or for every 100 miles completed one canned good in the grocery bag.  When the Trek comes to an end take the penny jar and /or the grocery bag of canned goods to your local food shelf and drop them off.  Tell the food shelf thanks for being there.  That's it.  Nothing more to do. 

If everyone joined with pennies a day all of our local food shelves could receive a nice cash present, and help keep local families, children, and elders in our community fed.  The concept is not about us, but it is about what we can do in our communities.  Even when the worst in our life is happening, we can still make a difference and help someone.  America truly is a land of opportunity, and we all have a role in strengthening our communities.   


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